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Monday, June 23, 2008

I Have a Case of the Mondays


Greetings Happy People

A lot has happened since I've last been on so let's dive straight into Living, Loving and Learning.

Life has been slow over the last couple of weeks. Work is constant, seasons are changing (spring to summer transformation is almost complete), Hilary's officially out, Ice-T and Soulja Boy are beefing, graduates on all levels of academia have received their piece of paper and are now chilling at least for a little while. With all of this going on, I still haven't been living in an urgent manner for some reason. It's been 'same old same old' for the last couple of weeks and I'm getting a little tired of it. So I've resolved to 'step my game up' and in the immediate future I will be working on enhancing 3 things: (1) my sneaker collection, (2) my musicianship and production capacities, and (3) my livinglovinglearning process to maximize my life and also the lives of others. I'll keep you posted.

Lots of loving going on around me. Weddings and engagements seem to be the 'in' thing to do these days because all of my friends are moving in that direction. This leaves me feeling like I need to hurry up and grab at the very least a girlfriend (mail order bride would be on the other end of the spectrum), lest I have nothing to conversate about when I hang out with my usual pools of people (whose aggregate singledom is steadily converging to zero). All in all I am comfortable with my current situation (perhaps too much so) and will need very much external motivation to get the ball rolling so readers PRAY FOR B.MIDDLETON!!!

I recently saw the movie, "Darfur Now" and was deeply moved by the contributions of all who helped to put the film together. AMERICANS, appreciate the life you lead because it ain't sweet like this in every part of the world. If you get a chance to watch out it'll touch/bless you. I am also still reading the Pullitzer prize winning Godel, Escher, Bach and finding it the most stimulating piece of literature I have ever picked up. I cannot begin to explain so just have a look at the link: Godel, Escher, Bach. I need to get back to working before I have to add another L to this blog: Looking for a new job. Time to get back to corporate productivity.

Until next time you know what to do . . .

And just in case you don't I'll tell you again . . .





Sunday, June 8, 2008

Boston's Going All The Way


What's Up Everybody,

I've jumped onto white and green bandwagon as the NBA finals have gotten underway. My boy Kevin Garnett needs a ring on his finger and since he's representing Chi-town he's got my support. This week has been alright . . . filled with meetings, greetings, reunions, and even some highly anticipated introductions. Some of my people have graduated or will be graduating soon so I'm happy that they will be joining me in the 'real world' soon. Also, new undertaking has begun as of yesterday . . . Brandon T. Middleton has joined the 50 million pound challenge. I have decided to put an end to my existence as a fat man and jump back over the line to the skinny side . . . y'all pray for me.

I love to read and I have just purchased a book called 'An Eternal Golden Braid' and it is supposed to be a Pullitzer prize winning masterpiece that ties together three things that I immensely enjoy: art, music, and mathematics. More on the outcome after I finish it up. I love kids and helping others and to this end I am steadily preparing for my role as a Hype Squad Member and Group Leader for the 2008 Monster Diversity Leadership Programs. I am super excited to be back and also very happy to have had my responsibilities stepped up this year . . . will I be up to the challenge? Time will tell.

I have been learning how necessary it is to live in the grace of God. In and of ourselves we are not capable (no matter how hard we try) of living acceptable lives in the sight of God our Father. I have seen the best and worst of myself and both extremes (good and bad) fall short of the glory of God. Learning to acknowledge this and recognizing how much I need to stay humble in my daily dealings is very important. Lately I've been learning a lot about time management and personal efficiency . . . also I learned some pretty cool technical things this week while browsing the web. Well that's about all for now. This week let's raise our glasses to the graduates and all of those who are working hard to educate themselves . . . much respect for ya and much love to ya.


Mr. Live Love Learn

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chasing Red Rubber Balls

Greetings Errbody,

So this week I am just now getting back from Dallas, TX from one of the most powerful training weekends I have ever been a part of. I got to try my hand at delivering content as a trainer . . . memorizing and delivering scripts is a new challenge that I am currently tackling . . . stay tuned. Back to Dallas Fort-Worth (and its inferno-us-ness) . . . it is the hottest place I've been to this year (to date) and I will not return to that 1000 degree heat without proper incentive. I immensely enjoyed myself and got to meet the good folks at RAVE Seminars ( They were a fun-loving, hard-working, and brilliant bunch of folks let me tell ya and I am looking forward to the seeing them all again very soon.

So loving is becoming a multi-dimensional beast. My recent weekend has forced me to revisit my innermost passions and the motivations for those. I continue to find that I love to learn and speak and interact and move. Finding out how my loves and my future will coincide is a very exciting thing to me . . . I am getting my sunglasses ready now . . . I'm believing that my future will be solarecliptical (look it up) in intensity and brightness and I PROMISE that you will need sunglasses to view my future without hurting your eyes (thanks Joel Osteen).

I met and spoke with a man named Kevin Carroll the Katalyst ( this weekend and all I can say is WoW (Flavor Flav style)!!! A quiet giant in speech and manner, he shared his story and ignited a spark of hope and belief that was just great. Also as a part of this weekend I went to a Rodeo for the first time. My group was the minority (amazingly) at this event but I had a blast . . . up until the part where the clown guy who chases the bull away from the cowboy got his face tackled into the solid iron guard rail . . . this happened about 48 hours ago and I bet you he is still bleeding (that's how hard he got hit y'all). So these new experiences allowed me to learn and embrace diversity so very much that I can't wait until I do it again.

Raise your glasses to, you guessed it





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