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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Season's Greetings!!!

Just wanted to send out SEASON’S GREETINGS live and direct from the California Middleton Crew.  It has been a great year and we are blessed and honored to have you as part of our lives.  Uwimana and I thank you for your love, your prayers, and for your continued support of our family.  We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in 2011.  We have become husband and wife, uncle and auntie, and a host of other things in such a short time that you never know what the next year will bring.  So again have a great time resting and relaxing with family and friends this holiday season and we wish you and yours all the best.

Yours Truly,
Uwimana & Brandon

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The NookaFesto Creative Video [CONTEST]

This is the latest and greatest from yours truly and friends.  We entered this contest at one of my favorite places to go for watches, sunglasses, and other accessories  Give it a look and tell a friend too.

Happy Holidays y'all,

B d-_-b M

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cracker Barrel Triange

This is how you go about proving your genius when it comes to the Cracker Barrel Triangle Peg game . . . watch closely young grasshoppers.  Don't say I never gave you anything :)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Facebook Essays (3/3)

So this is the last essay question I chose to write about to show Facebook that I wasn't napping during Rhetoric 105 in college.  Check it out . . . and let me know if my grammar is ok  :)


I am particularly passionate about K-12 education in the U.S., specifically the areas of learning and literacy.  It’s no secret that U.S. performance in the arena of education has declined by international standards over the last 15-20 years.  China and India have successfully equipped their young people and have graduated large numbers of engineers and computer scientists over the last two decades.  As a result of their solid educational foundation, many highly sought-after jobs are going to these graduates.

There is much room for improvement in this area for K-12 students in the U.S.  Changing our attitudes about how to deliver education to our students is a necessary step if we are to regain respect and credibility as a nation.  It is a very exciting time to be focused on this issue because we are at a critical turning point as citizens of the 21st century thanks to the Internet.  There is an important shift in the way information is being created, consumed, and distributed.  This analog to digital shift has been embraced and exploited to some extent by different industries globally, but by and large U.S. K-12 education has yet to experience the full effect of what’s helping to change and transform other industries.  Investing in the idea of Education 2.0 (web-enabled, active, community-based learning) is imperative if we are going to empower ourselves and our children to be key contributors in the 21st century.

This issue of K-12 education matters a lot to me because I’ve seen over and over the major implications that educational foundations (both solid and shaky) have had on people throughout their lives.  A good education is the foundation for so much in our daily activities.  From job opportunities to our social interactions, what we’ve gathered from our education informs our decision making and helps us put into context almost every situation that we find ourselves in.  If we accept this notion as true, how could we as a country not invest in educational infrastructure to stay at the cutting edge in this space?  We owe it to ourselves and our families, the opportunity to build the best educational foundation possible.

Overall, I believe we’ve failed to engage our K-12 students.  The activities that draw them in, such as video games, mobile devices, and social networking are not embraced as learning tools and therefore are not embedded into their curricula.  The old command-and-control approach still dominates in schools today.  The teacher dictates the content while the students listen (or daydream) and then the homework is assigned to determine whether the knowledge transfer was successful.  I liken this to riding a bicycle across the country in an age where airplanes are prevalent.  So much more could be done if we changed our content and delivery methods.

I am dedicated to contributing to the ‘new wave’ of curriculum design and educational content delivery which I think will become standardized once the technologies that are available today make their way into K-12 classrooms.  I get excited every day about being able to deliver better solutions via new technologies to students and educators all over the world.  There are interesting methods being researched at the moment that counter the conventions of our established and traditional educational framework.  Infusing gaming and competition into curriculum, using collaboration and community to deliver term papers, encouraging students to blog and publish online content, and using social networks for planning events and calendaring; these are all unconventional methods that are being rolled out at this very moment.  My sister invited me just this week to join her Ning social network as part of a homework assignment for one of her sociology classes.  These technologies are slowly but surely finding their way into classrooms all over the world.

Creating best practices and guidelines around this new wave of Education 2.0 ideas will help to standardize it in K-12 schools.  The end result will be an educational system and an experience that caters more to the culture and preference of this generation of learners thereby giving the students a richer and more valuable educational foundation.  This will translate into more job opportunities, better social interactions, and a wider lens with which to view the world as these individuals go about making their everyday decisions.  The issue of education matters so much to me because I truly believe that I can be a part of the solution that will translate into a much better experience for thousands upon thousands of kids who are becoming more and more apathetic towards their schooling and overall educational experience.  If my hypotheses are correct and I am able to realize my dreams in this area, I will be able to win back the attention and interests of these boys and girls.

this concludes my 3 part series relating to the Facebook Beta-tester position . . . 

good morning, good afternoon, and good night

Facebook Essays (2/3)


So I just got married February 14th, 2010.  I thought that I knew what women wanted in a relationship.  As it turns out, I knew what she thought she wanted in a relationship.  Let me explain the difference between what a woman wants and what a woman thinks she wants in a relationship.  Follow me.

It is a very interesting world that we live in these days.  The society that we're a part of is full of outside stimuli that guide our every thought and decision.  It's a gift and a curse for a woman because as you may or may not know, women like well designed, extravagant, expensive, cool and shiny things (e.g. the engagement ring that I gave her made her go bananas) and they also sometimes find it hard to come back down to earth once they begin to engage in these whimsical worlds revolve around the things they like (e.g. fashion and jewelry and reality tv and if I go on with this list I might not finish this question).

So when looking for a stable relationship women sometimes forget that they are actually a part of two distinct worlds.  One where reality is far far away, where things just work together, where they look 'hot' every hour of every day, where seemingly every day is their birthday and they can do no wrong.  The other world is the one that men live in where logic is king, sports is priority, and if you can't afford it then you probably shouldn't buy it.  Attempting to reconcile these two worlds day by day is what helps a relationship between a Martian and a Venusian to survive and thrive (check out Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus if you didn't get that reference).

So put simply what I thought women wanted initially were the basics: food, shelter, faithfulness, and fun.  What I've found is that women say they want these things but there are more things too. They let on that they would be truly happy if they could just get these simple things.  But I submit that that is a falsehood.  As a man, there is so much more that you must provide and if you fail to realize this then maybe you should take a twenty second timeout and think about what you're doing in your current relationship (disclaimer: if you're married you can't take that timeout, you don't have any left . . . just keep playing).

The thesis and bottom line to all of this is that women want your time and attention.  If you can't afford to give them that then the food, shelter, faithfulness and fun won't make one bit of difference.  I was very proud to provide these things and very baffled to find out that they didn't mean as much to her as I thought they would.  Venusians need lots of hugs and kisses, walks in the park and extended visits to organic grocery stores, and lastly lots of engaging and affirming conversation with eye contact included.  If you can provide this then you will be able to level up in the game of relationship, and if you can't then you'll end up starting the level over with woman after woman after woman.  So let the games begin.  God speed and good luck to my fellow men out there.

just one more part to go . . . part 3 coming right up


Facebook Essays (1/3)

So Facebook is looking for beta-testers for their new products and they want you to do some essays as a part of their screening process.  Here are some questions I answered . . . it was a very introspective afternoon for me actually :)


In light of the BP oil leak incident, a lot of questions about corporate and government responsibility have come up.  People want to know who is responsible for this and how this could have happened if the private business (BP) was paying attention to what was going on.  The answers to these questions amuse and sadden me at the same time because depending on who your news source is you will find 360 degrees of opinions.

It seems that if you have enough money, you can pay your way to putting yourself in a positive light.  In this money hungry world that we live in, greed trumps integrity (from what I've observed) which makes it impossible to believe 100% of what anyone  has to say about anything.  Since the sentiment about the news, which people take as absolute truth, varies from channel to channel people end up becoming puppets of whatever their favorite flavor of news media is.

So why should I believe you if money can make you call the truth a lie and vice versa?  It is no different with (some) corporations.   The idea that everyone is a puppet makes the idea of believing in a system of corporate responsibility laughable.  Believing what the big company tells you might not be the best idea, unless you do your research first and find that your facts match theirs.  But wait who did you go through to get your facts?  That's right another big corporation.  So who can you trust?  Read on.

On the other side of the spectrum that is why we have faith and hope.  Without at least a little of it everybody would be down in the dumps all the time.  We must do our part with honor and respect and then have faith in our world that other people are doing the same to make this place we inhabit a better place for years and years to come.  Ask good questions, do your research, and hope for the best.  That is all.

stay tuned for part 2 . . .

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TicTacToeTen X PTA Convention

It is going to be epic.  The Tic Tac Toe Ten Project is traveling to Memphis, Tennessee to tell the Parents & Teachers Association chapters of America why educational, collaborative and social games (e.g. Tic Tac Toe Ten) need to be integrated into every child's K-12 curriculum.  We will talk with heads of educational policy, teachers, parents, fundraisers, students and educational companies to see where opportunities lie for us and for them.

In addition to making contacts, we will be celebrating the release of TicTacToeTen for iPhone/iPad/Android!!!  Our mobile application development will serve to complement the work that we are doing with the educational board games.  We will also unveil our newly designed website, our new t-shirt design, and our forthcoming puzzle books that will be targeted to 3rd-8th grade kids.

So if you're in Memphis this weekend, come on by the Convention Center to booth #425 and take a picture with the team (and Blanco below).  We'll be talking education, tech, and games all weekend long and we'd be honored if you'd come on out and join us.  We'll see you there.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Smelling the Roses [Picture Poetry]

[begin prose]

Sometimes I need to stop . . . 
From whatever I'm doing . . .
Job that I'm working . . . 
Dreams that I'm pursuing . . . 
Pause for a minute and just halt the confusion . . .
To step away is to see that it's all an illusion . . . 
My generation has come up with this conclusion . . .
They label you as worthless unless you're moving . . . 
You're nothing unless you're high functioning, hustling, doing . . .
No motion unacceptable slow motion is for losers . . .
I asked for more fast but beggars can't be choosers . . . 
Now that I've come to terms . . . 
With what I am and what I can . . .
And cannot do, I'm feeling like the plan . . .
In these last days and times is for me to understand . . . 
How to make more people smile and to be a better man . . .
If not for me for my fam I suppose . . . 
Stay tuned as I try to be honest with myself . . . 
To be still before God and to stop to smell the rose . . .

[terminate prose]


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playing Around w/

mic check 1 2 1 2 . . . first single getting airplay in Ghana


stay Living Loving & Learning

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Settling In

So it has been approximately 65 days since I said "I do" to my beautiful new wife Uwimana (ooh-wee-muh-nuh) Middleton and I must say that I feel like I'm back in school again. I knew that women were different in my head but actually living with one, caring for one, laughing and snuggling up with one . . . it's definitely NOT intuitive.

I figured that we'd have our fair share of ups and downs in the first weeks. Moving into a new 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment with 0 furniture and 2 different lifestyles was sure to be a challenge right? Right indeed . . . I didn't think that I would be so moved to abandon my bachelor minimalist ways so soon, but it has indeed happened. Here is a list of things that I didn't used to do that I do now (without being told, I might add):

1.) Take out the garbage
2.) Sort through the garbage and separate recyclable/compostable materials
3.) Wake up and turn on a pot of tea
4.) Spend large amounts of time in supermarkets & grocery stores

Inn addition to the above here is a list of things that I've purchased that the old minimalist bachelor would never have dreamt of buying:

1.) Kenmore sewing machine
2.) A loveseat with throw pillows
3.) A television (you're reading correctly, no I didn't have one before)
4.) Lots and lots of wine (makes for romantical evenings . . . thanks Flav)

So all of this goes to show that I am moving up in the world . . . slowly kicking and screaming (on the inside) from a boy to a man. It's not so bad though. Uwimana has blessed my tummy many times with delicious meals and has been a good sport about most of the hobbies and other activities that I'm interested in. My music, business, and sport lives are all still intact and on the flip side her sewing, babysitting, and gourmet chef passions are all alive and well. It's funny that in marriage counseling we were given three C's to marital success (communicate, communicate, communicate) . . . it is funny that that's actually all you need to not make each other go crazy. Thank you Jesus and thank you Pastor for the awesome advice. I'll be updating very soon on marriage and other topics but until next time, keep keeping on.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting Started w/ Supercool School Pt. 2

So here's second part of what you should do when you first sign up for Supercool School . . . click this link and be enlightened.

How To Get Started w/ Your Supercool School Pt. 1

Take a look at this link below to get the very first things you should do after you sign up to have your very own Supercool School. Stay Tuned for part 2.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Found Out about

And my my my is it awesome or what!!!

That is all for now . . . check out and as always continue to

Live --> Love --> Learn

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tic Tac Toe Ten Day (T minus 10)

Behold the day of celebration is almost upon us, tell a friend or two to join the movement and download Tic Tac Toe Ten for their Android and iPhone devices. Check in tomorrow for Commandment #2!!!

Live, Love, Learn :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just a quick run through of what the Supercool School platform can do . . . using it as an experimental teaching and learning tool for the Wounded Warrior Project. Check it out:


Monday, February 8, 2010

Wedding Slideshow Snippets

So I'm getting married on Valentine's Day . . . that's like 6 days from now. Here are some photos that will be on the slideshow. I love technology. Makes things easy.

Posted by Picasa

Live Love Learn as always,


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Video Games For Learning Pt. 1

So recently I've been digesting James Paul Gee's "What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy" and I wanted to document some of the principles in it to serve as a reference point for me in my educational projects. Very good info for designers, teachers, system architects, and of course gamers.

Oh last thing, the definition of SEMIOTIC DOMAIN is this "any set of practices that recruits one or more modalities (images, equations, symbols, sounds, graphs, artifacts, etc.) to communicate distinctive types of meanings."

Here are the first 12 principles:

1. Active, Critical Learning Principle: all aspects of the learning environment(including the ways in which the semiotic domain is designed and presented) are set up to encourage active and critical, not passive, learning.

2. Design Principle: learning about and coming to appreciate design and design principles is core to the learning experience.

3. Semiotic Principle: learning about and coming to appreciate interrelations within and across multiple sign systems (images, words, actions, symbols, atifacts, etc.) as a complex system is core to the learning experience.

4. Semiotic Domains Principle: learning involves mastering, at some level, semiotic domains, and being able to participate at some level, in the affinity group or groups connected to them.

5. Metalevel Thinking about Semiotic Domains Principle: learning involves active and critical thinking about the relationships of the semiotic domain being learned to other semiotic domains.

6. "Psychosocial Moratorium" Principle: learners can take risks in a space where real-world consequences are lowered.

7. Committed Learning Principle: learners participate in an extended engagement (lots of effort and practice) as extensions of their real-world identities in relation to a virtual identity to which they feel some commitment and a virtual world that they find compelling.

8. Identity Principle: learning involves taking on and playing with identities in such a way that the learner has real choices (in developing the virtual identity) and ample opportunity to meditate on the relationship between new identities and old ones. There is a tripartite play of identities as learners relate, and reflect on, their multiple real-world identities, a virtual identity, and a projective identity.

9. Self Knowledge Principle: the virtual world is constructed in such a way that learners learn not only about the domain but about themselves and their current and potential capacities.

10. Amplification of Input Principle: for a little input, learners get a lot of output.

11. Achievement Principle: for learners of all levels of skill there are intrinsic rewards from the beginning, customized to each learner's level, effort, and growing mastery and signaling the learner's ongoing achievements.

12. Practice Principle: learners get lots and lots of practice in a context where the practice is not boring (i.e. in a virtual world that is compelling to learners on their own terms and where the learners experience ongoing success). They spend lots of time on task.

So this wraps up the first dozen. I will hopefully be able to use these in my future pursuits and projects in relation to online education, educational gaming, and the like. That is all.

as always continue to Live, Love, and Learn . . .


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