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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Settling In

So it has been approximately 65 days since I said "I do" to my beautiful new wife Uwimana (ooh-wee-muh-nuh) Middleton and I must say that I feel like I'm back in school again. I knew that women were different in my head but actually living with one, caring for one, laughing and snuggling up with one . . . it's definitely NOT intuitive.

I figured that we'd have our fair share of ups and downs in the first weeks. Moving into a new 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment with 0 furniture and 2 different lifestyles was sure to be a challenge right? Right indeed . . . I didn't think that I would be so moved to abandon my bachelor minimalist ways so soon, but it has indeed happened. Here is a list of things that I didn't used to do that I do now (without being told, I might add):

1.) Take out the garbage
2.) Sort through the garbage and separate recyclable/compostable materials
3.) Wake up and turn on a pot of tea
4.) Spend large amounts of time in supermarkets & grocery stores

Inn addition to the above here is a list of things that I've purchased that the old minimalist bachelor would never have dreamt of buying:

1.) Kenmore sewing machine
2.) A loveseat with throw pillows
3.) A television (you're reading correctly, no I didn't have one before)
4.) Lots and lots of wine (makes for romantical evenings . . . thanks Flav)

So all of this goes to show that I am moving up in the world . . . slowly kicking and screaming (on the inside) from a boy to a man. It's not so bad though. Uwimana has blessed my tummy many times with delicious meals and has been a good sport about most of the hobbies and other activities that I'm interested in. My music, business, and sport lives are all still intact and on the flip side her sewing, babysitting, and gourmet chef passions are all alive and well. It's funny that in marriage counseling we were given three C's to marital success (communicate, communicate, communicate) . . . it is funny that that's actually all you need to not make each other go crazy. Thank you Jesus and thank you Pastor for the awesome advice. I'll be updating very soon on marriage and other topics but until next time, keep keeping on.

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